I love that @TeamCoco cut to a passed-out @AndyRichter after introducing me. Best talk show -- STILL -- on TV. Awkward & brilliant.
I'm in despair. I'll take what I can get. Whatever heaves me out of bed in the morning. https://t.co/6wsVBL6p3n
The climate change/China Tweet WAS deleted. Were other not? Happy to admit when I'm wrong. https://t.co/KyGJVWeNHE
Back when me & @TrueCrimeDiary met @HillaryClinton. She was laid-back and funny. Hillary was cool, too. https://t.co/j0GEWJO4wg
Janey, we get it. WE GET IT. Three more drams of Laddy 10 for you and then I'm calling an Über. https://t.co/HIIJZVUNtC

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Central Washington U / Student Union Ballroom

Live Show

Central Washington U / Student Union Ballroom
400 East University Way

October 13, 2012