The link I just RT'd? From @screenjunkies? HOLY SHIT. They cut a trailer for my "dream trilogy" of UNBREAKABLE films. IT'S. AMAZING.
.@mattdcopeland @CampTwilightTWO These days? Yes. And it's very sad to me. Thinkpieces in 3...2...1...
.@CampTwilightTWO My pro-trans, pro-Obama, anti-gun jokes. But he didn't take them PERSONALLY, and we TOLERATED our differences. Huh!
.@TitanLive Actually? It's VERY hard to offend cops. They adopt a shoulder-shrug mantle of armor or they don't last.
"You offended the shit out of me, but you were still funny." A San Diego homicide cop after my show last night. Catch up, bloggers!

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Elsinore Theatre

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Elsinore Theatre
170 High Street SE

October 14, 2012