"I got 'use it' and 'lose it.' Need a third rhyme here." "'Boogie'?" "Eh, close enough." -- David Bowie writing "Starman"
As a Nyquil-zwacked office manager weaves up Fairfax, trying to convince people their shoes are untied, another L.A. April Fool's Day ends.
.@CarolineSiede Great points made in this. Noted. I'm still learning, too. Onward and nuance-ward! (But I stand by my 53)
Both me & @RobLowe are proud to be early adopters of DIPS! http://t.co/mgv5oIwBXL
Well, look what just came in the mail. Thank you, @BBCAMERICA. Thank you, @OrphanBlack: http://t.co/or0HCQPCns

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May 24, 2013