With the sound off, this looks like Megyn Kelly arguing with a scrotum puppet. With the sound on? WOW. https://t.co/B8X3XxV3Jd
Come on, Arizona! Oh man PLEASE make this happen. You're a beautiful, otherworldly state & this would be GORGEOUS i… https://t.co/yglbzu7lhO
Ha ha! This doddering old sap. Perfect. Fuckin' perfect. https://t.co/ARh6YMA4F6
A sequel to NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS set in the "always St. Patrick's Day" tree would make REQUIEM FOR A DREAM look like AMÉLIE.
What an AMAZING list to be on! See you guys next Thursday at The Beacon Theatre NYC? https://t.co/U6ivE3g3qH

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Irvine Improv

Live Show

Irvine Improv
71 Fortune Drive #841

July 16, 2013