Killgrave, not Killraven. Sorry. G'night.
I think a lot of us disagree with you on that take but fine. It was the "smile" comment that was skeevy.
But now you know, right? Watch the Killraven character in @JessicaJones. It's his mantra. And he's a creep.
Leave it up. Own your mistakes & move on.
I know men don't get it. Neither did Steve. And now he does. Onward & upward?

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What Ever Happened to Moby Dick?

TV Appearance

Silver Lake Branch Library
Silver Lake Branch Library

September 21, 2013

I haven't included a ticket link because there isn't one. It's just me, barnstorming three Los Angeles Public Libraries, reading excerpts from Moby Dick and then talking to the audience about them. I'll read a different excerpt at each location. Why not drop by? Say hello, hear some literature fall out of my fat skull, and wrestle with the inscrutable? Maybe even point out things I'm sure I'll miss in Melville's prose? Ahoy!