.@DanUmthun You have just PERFECTLY defined Twitter!
The Rubberband Man • The Poetry Man • The Magic Man • Angie Baby • Wildfire, the Pony League of Extraordinary 70s Song Characters
.@Cheplic Did they catch how the one kid's dad is having a sloppy affair?
.@Cheplic Have 'em read "How Beautiful With Shoes" by Wilbur Daniel Steele if you want to teach 'em subtext! But thanks!
.@Intelligence404 @leitzkejs Cameron is FAR from "gorgeous", but he's gayer than Christmas morning.

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What Ever Happened to Moby Dick?

TV Appearance

Echo Park Branch Library
Echo Park Branch Library

September 21, 2013

I haven't included a ticket link because there isn't one. It's just me, barnstorming three Los Angeles Public Libraries, reading excerpts from Moby Dick and then talking to the audience about them. I'll read a different excerpt at each location. Why not drop by? Say hello, hear some literature fall out of my fat skull, and wrestle with the inscrutable? Maybe even point out things I'm sure I'll miss in Melville's prose? Ahoy!