Trump's trying to rule the USA. Hillary just showed up in the load-lifter suit from ALIENS. "Get away from her you BITCH!" #MadamePresident
Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. But please let the Sean Hannity/cheesesteak/WaWa story be true.
??Before you slip into unconsciousness/I'd like to have another kiss?? "God I love The Doors. Bleeble zip." -- Bill Cosby
Can't believe @tcm is showing MCCABE & MRS. MILLER tomorrow and they didn't ask my tribute band, The Butternut Muffdivers, to perform.
I love you, Bernie. We all do. Good job, man. #DemsInPhilly

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Wed, Oct 11

31 HORROR STORIES – “The Seventh Floor” (1966)

@ 12:00 PM

Dino Buzzati was an Italian journalist who wrote reasonable, matter-of-fact horror stories. I almost chose "Catastrophe" -- about commuters heading north on a high-tech train who, looking out their windows, see every living thing on the planet heading south as fast as they can.

But "The Seventh Floor" strikes a little closer to home for me. It's about, in my opinion, the scariest thing in the world -- hospitals.

Think about hospitals. They're the home for super-viruses. The doctors and staff are exhausted and impatient. And, if you're one to believe in ghosts? Hospitals and battlefields, logically, have got to be lousy with them. No one dies in a graveyard.

Maybe the protagonist in "The Seventh Floor" has something worse than death waiting for him when he checks into a hospital with a minor complaint. But, through a series of bureaucratic mishaps (and a VERY friendly, helpful staff) he's moved, floor by floor, to the dreaded Seventh Floor.

And no one comes back from the Seventh Floor.

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