Seriously, holy shit. Perfect. Thank you @billmaher
This, last night, was beyond brilliant. Thank you, @billmaher. #NotoriousHRC PLEASE WATCH EVERYONE.
Hope you guys liked my #MLP episode. And I hope you caught the massive Wes Anderson visual reference.
Oh wow. This is perfect. And accurate.

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Fri, Oct 13

31 HORROR STORIES -- "The Human Chair" (1925)

@ 12:00 PM

Taro Hirai, under his pen name Edogawa Rampo (say it a few times, fast) wrote this seriously fucked-up story in 1925 (you didn't get to read it in English until 1956). Find a comfy chair, snuggle up, and read it. It's only about 17 pages long. And you won't even need to get all the way to the end until -- I guarantee it -- you will jump out of the chair you're sitting in, look back, and fucking shiver.

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