Someday, a novel will be written by someone who handled an airline's Twitter account. The novel's villain will be a comedian.
McDonald's Drops 'Hammurderer' Character From Advertising via @theonion
Like, couldn't the new Hamburglar ONLY steal burgers from the other hamburger chains? Like Omar on THE WIRE? "Robble comin'!"
Was hoping for a grittier, Christopher Nolan/Michael Mann version of Hamburglar.
@dreamstobecome @neilhimself @wilw 99.9% of the people who ask are super-nice. The eBay hounds are easy to spot after awhile.

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Wed, Oct 18

31 HORROR STORIES -- "The Horror of the Heights" (1913)

@ 1:00 PM

Arthur Conan Doyle writing a horror story?! And what's more, it's a big, honking, flying MONSTER story?

Well, yeah. And it works. The creator of Sherlock Holmes is channeling Lovecraft here. But where Lovecraft suggests, Doyle likes to be plausible...but explicit. Gahan Wilson, in his introduction to this story, says you'll think about this on your next transatlantic flight and look up. So many times when I've been on an airplane, and we entered one of those huge-but-enclosed canyons of clouds, I thought of this. Long before I ever read this story. And Doyle brought my suspicions to life. To horrible, bloated life.

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