@nightlyshow Sure! Can I have a Larry Wilmore tote bag and beer coozie?
Huh! Another genuinely smart, crucial article from @Salon. Never thought I'd say that. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS: http://t.co/qYefBN21u2
NOT gonna click on this video of "weasel flying on woodpecker's back" but WILL acknowledge it's a great Captain Beefheart lyric.
.@kumailn That's the perfect way to describe it. If this is how Big Brother controls us at least it's with great stories & not Victory Gin.
Good night. Sorry. To my followers and to any of the shows I left out. There's too many of you & you're all quality.

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Mon, Mar 22


@ 9:03 AM

A young fan named Joshua Levesque wrote me last year, saying he wanted to get a tattoo of my George Lucas bit. I tried to dissuade him -- getting permanent ink of one of my jokes is like tattooing the lyrics to "Barbie Girl" on your face. But, like Parker in THE HUNTER or Marv in SIN CITY, the man would not be stopped. So I asked Ivan Brunetti to design a tattoo. He did. Joshua etched it onto his skin. Here it is: Photobucket

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