Nice! Cool "intro" screen!
Wow, that’s amazing! Yes — a little too sophisticated for Atari 2600, but still charming! @MeredthSalenger
She stares pitilessly into the abyss of The Obsession throughout #IllBeGoneInTheDark. Stunning.
If any of my artist followers wanna create some 8-bit screen grabs from this “lost” Atari game I’m happy to signal-…

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Zombie Spaceship Wasteland


Comedian Oswalt (The King of Queens, Caprica) offers up a collection of colorful essays ranging in topic from his experiences working at a movie theater to sends-ups of eccentric relatives, including a grandmother who gives exceedingly odd birthday gifts. To delve into the book is to take a tour of Oswalt’s delightfully offbeat mind: he shares with readers what he was doing to procrastinate while writing certain chapters, suggests some truly morbid greeting cards, and parodies the vampire craze in comic-book form.

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