This...made happy. God bless Triumph and seriously FUCK these helicopter-parented daffodils.
It's mutual. Down the road and soon, my friend...
I will never forget you announcing, BEFORE the table read, "I do not want the ventriloquist sketch TINKERED with."
That was the closest to automatic writing I've ever done. Fell right into our collective heads, that sketch.
Wait -- Christopher Marlowe wrote my GOP Tweets? Wow...

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Zombie Spaceship Wasteland


Comedian Oswalt (The King of Queens, Caprica) offers up a collection of colorful essays ranging in topic from his experiences working at a movie theater to sends-ups of eccentric relatives, including a grandmother who gives exceedingly odd birthday gifts. To delve into the book is to take a tour of Oswalt’s delightfully offbeat mind: he shares with readers what he was doing to procrastinate while writing certain chapters, suggests some truly morbid greeting cards, and parodies the vampire craze in comic-book form.

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