Mike Nichols is at the back of Death's bus, smiling wryly, wondering what's next as he rides into the ether. #RIPMikeNichols
Wait, does this effect Dr. Julius Hibbert on THE SIMPSONS? Kinda not joking here...
In the L&O: SVU writer's room: "So the perp's name is 'Phil Dosby' and he's a beloved, billionaire TV custard pitchman..."
"Bill Cosby" "Charles Manson" and "Thanksgiving" are all trending on Twitter. The internet is having a concussion.
Yummy poster for my 1/14/15 Madison show. @400lonelythings made it. Download it FREE at http://t.co/AGq7HHW2IR: http://t.co/knORiACo63

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