The Comedians of Comedy 2005 Spring Tour: All Green Rooms Smell Like Sad Pizza


Maybe it’s because Tallahassee is such a poopy town that the crowd was so much better than the Gainesville crowd, which is a really cool, fun town (the little I’ve seen of it) but the crowd, as we all predicted, wasn’t as good as the previous night. Maybe it’s because when you live in a shitball town you really appreciate when people come through to entertain you. I don’t know. It’s not like the crowd tonight was so horrible — it’s that they were like a typical comedy club crowd. Drunk, yelling out random shit (someone tried to tag my “…three way with Jayne Mansfield and Anne Frank on a caramel cloud…” punchline with “Terry Schiavo!”) — in other words, every reason I started the tour in the first place. All the shit I wanted to get away from. I hope this thing doesn’t get so successful that it starts bringing out the same douche-nozzles who go to comedy clubs and yell and drink all night. I want modest, fun success, instead of the massive success which includes the 90% of the population I spend all my time avoiding.

Tomorrow is Orlando, which is good, ’cause even if the crowd sucks — hey, Disneyworld. And MGM. Zach has to go do a one nighter, which sucks, but we’ve got Eugene Mirman replacing him, which will be fun. If anyone in Orlando or close is reading this, you should really come to see the show. Eugene’s going to screen a short video which I don’t want to spoil but trust me, you’ll love it. I saw it at Cinema Classics two weeks ago and it’s my new favorite thing.

Oh, some more show notes — Zach included a violin player in his set — and she says she’s going to meet us in Atlanta and Athens, which is great. I tried to get a picture of her playing, but it didn’t come out. I apologize to whoever yelled out, “You suck!” to Dave Anthony (with the added rational of, “You’re not even on the poster!”) ’cause I wished cancer and shrinky-balls on you. Dave told me you tracked him down later and apologized, which I thought was really nice.

The working “Learning” was misspelled on my channel guide at the hotel.